White Christmas and a Snowy Sabbath

Snow. It is white, beautiful, cold, and everywhere here in Dillsboro, NC. It’s actually quite magical (Disney princess moment), and I hope you’ve had the chance to experience it. However, right now we are snowed in, and if you know what it’s like when your yard looks like this (see right), then you know that days like these leave you with nothing to do. Absolutely nothing. Yes, that is a picture of my yard.

What exactly does nothingness mean to a college student? What a foreign concept! Take away all of the friends, schoolwork, gyms, organizations, etc., and relaxing in simple ‘nothingness’ is quite fascinating. Maybe it’s just me, but I think most college kids tend to be pretty busy with different stuff during school.

For me, I am completely surrendered and surrounded by beautiful Appalachian mountains which totally make me think of God. Being up here with nothing to do, I can: read my Bible, listen to dubstep on my Macbook, play Xbox, attempt to workout via conventional means like Bear Grylls, and read my Bible some more. The roads are too snowy and icy to travel, so it’s like even if I want to go do something, I literally can’t. It is actually quite nice, and I can’t help but think this happens because a force greater than me is freeing me to relax. Because we are snowed in, I am in full submission to the weather’s whim. Though interestingly enough it is causing me to relax in nothingness. A sort of Sabbath, if you will.

Is this not what God intends for us as a regular Sabbath day? Having that one day each week to rest, do nothing, and spend time with God. It is something I need to work on. I don’t think enough people take it seriously, which is why so many Americans burn out of their jobs.

Read Deuteronomy 5:12-15 for the part on the Sabbath day. What do the last sentences say? They end with a reminder of God saving the Israelites from Egypt when they were at a point of hopelessness. By surrendering to God, they received freedom! For us today, submitting your life to God is freedom from sin and anything else in this life through Jesus Christ, which is exactly the point of the Sabbath. We are supposed to reflect on that. The freedom found on a Sabbath day directly reflects the freedom we find in the heart of God.

What does this mean?

The freedom to do nothing and relax on Sabbath Day reflects the freedom to completely enjoy God. We have this privilege every day in our relationship with the Lord, but he tells us to specifically take one, full day and remember that (since we often get caught up in our busyness throughout the week).

Christians: Next time you have a chance to do nothing, think about how Jesus washed you white as snow. If you need a reminder of what that looks like, just scroll up.


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