The Internet: Our new Pastime

Allow me to say a little bit on technology.

This might seem a bit random for my blog, but I found some cool stats from Forrester revealing that Americans spend just as much time using the Internet as much as we watch TV: 13 hours a week!

Now while Internet use has grown, TV use has not decreased. For me, I don’t really watch TV at all anymore, but I’d say I use the Internet more like 17-20 hours a week.

Either way, some people may view this as a bad thing. With issues like the porn industry, social skills declining as Facebook use increases, overall web/social media addiction, etc., I can see how some people might view much of the Internet as a time-waster (ahem Facebook) like TV can often be.

In my opinion, the good outweighs the bad. The Internet has so many practical uses! In thirteen hours a week, you aren’t limited to watching fixed shows with fixed music on fixed networks. You can read articles (if you are a nerd like me) and other cool stuff, shop for things, or even make a business — or a blog! With the Internet being so interactive, we as Christians have tons of opportunities to use it for Jesus without being sucked into a technological stupor.

With the above stats many speculate this just gives more momentum of Internet-TVs, like Google TV.

What do you think? Is all of this technology leading us somewhere bad, or do you find these stats to be a good thing?


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