Trust Issues

One of my biggest problems as a Christian is trusting God. Especially with the distant future. If you know me you may find this odd, because I am extremely laid back. I would like to say that daily I am very good about resting in God’s peace and being excited about what he will bring each day, but as my mind dwells on what is to happen in the next number of years I get anxious and fearful. Will God’s plans bring me happiness and joy? Will God provide the necessary resources (A.K.A. money)? I know all of the answers to these, but my sin makes me doubt the promises of God.

A good example-analogy was made apparent to me the other night when I was making some Chicken Noodle soup. A deep reflection for $.96?? That just sounds epic! Anyhoo, I poured the soup into the bowl and put water into it as instructed. You know how when you stick the bowl in the microwave you place a paper towel over it? Well, I usually do this after I put it in the microwave. As you can see, this is a meticulous process, although I think most people probably place the paper towel at this time as well.

Either way, I decided to prematurely cover the bowl at the counter. My time of reflection arrived here. As I carefully moved the bowl up to the microwave, the lack of visuals of the soup caused my mind to question the amount of liquid in the bowl. As it teetered as I placed it into the radiation box, I felt a tiny bit scared of spilling it. I hesitated as I placed it there. I couldn’t even trust myself in this little task!! I quickly flipped this to my view of God. If I don’t trust myself with little, do I really trust God with my entire life? Oh, me of small faith! Now you might be thinking I am making a golf ball into the Epcot ball, but trust issues are significant. They underscore a deeper problem.

Trusting something means we are admitting we aren’t the solution. When you buy strawberries at the grocery store, it’s because you believe they will give you the nutrients you cannot give yourself. When you fly in a plane, you are trusting the pilot to fly the plane better than you could, thus getting you to your destination faster than you could.

Conversely, have you ever been inside a Buckle store? About a month ago I mentioned Buckle in a post about losing my sunglasses; if you know anything about them, their employees work largely off of commission. As a result when you walk into the store, they swarm you like a cougar on Justin Bieber. And they ask you what you are looking for. And you tell them that you want an orange shirt because yellow and green don’t look good on you. So you try on orange shirts, and your leech tells you they look “killer.” Feeling good about yourself, you then bite the bullet and try on some yellow shirts. Again, your leech tells you they look “killer.” Wait a second… what’s that smell? Oh, right, it’s the commission. You then lose trust in your leech, because you realize that you know what you like and what looks good on you much better than it does.

When you carry this mistrust toward God, you are telling him that you can do life better than he can. You are telling him you don’t need him, and that you like things better when you control them. Of course, if that’s the case, what’s with all the fear and anxiety?

Taking this a bit deeper, let’s tackle it backwards — a few weeks ago my friend preached on a topic very similar to this one. He said that what we believe about God is made apparent in what we do. So when you don’t trust God, you are believing that he is not bigger than your problems. You are believing that he is not strong enough to take care of you and save you from sin. For me, it means I believe he does not have the future in his control.

Ouch. Have you ever stabbed yourself? I feel like I just did.

Have you ever lied and not kept your promises? I know I have, and I know God hasn’t. Thinking about God bringing Israel into the Promised Land, giving us Jesus, and in Jesus dying on the cross and rising up three days later, it’s no secret that God has a perfect track record.

Yet here’s the ugly truth, directed both at myself and the vast majority of Christians with trust issues: We often trust our sin and lies more than God and his promises.

I know a lot of guys and girls who have a hard time trusting God to wait for the right future spouse. I know some people who don’t trust God to love and accept them for who they are (Psalm 103:11). In all honesty, I think everyone has some trust issues with God at some level. We often don’t see it though because we’re ready to pat ourselves on the back for mundane stuff each day.

Therefore, I am going to end this blog post with a verse. God’s Word is living, it is truth, and it has never failed. If you’re having trust issues with God, let Scripture fill your mind and determine how your day will go.

Isaiah 26:3-4“You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.”

Where do you feel is a difficult area to trust God in your life? Do you tend to trust others more than God?


2 thoughts on “Trust Issues

  1. I’ve been wrestling with my own lack of faith the past few days as well. God has tirelessly watched over me and provided for me faithfully over the years, but even the smallest inconvenience can leave me anxious. Driving to and from work in the snow has been a big source of anxiety recently. I don’t trust myself, I don’t trust my car, I don’t trust other drivers, and my overwhelming sense of dread proves quite clearly I don’t trust God either. I have no doubt that were Jesus to visit me in person today one of the first things he would say to me would be “You have such little faith!” But I recall another group of men that experienced this same anxiety and Jesus pointed out to them again and again how little faith they had. These men went on to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the gospel and I realize me and my little faith are in some pretty good company. God can do a whole lot with just a little bit of faith.

  2. Thanks for the authenticity, man! You’re speaking the truth. You know that verse that talks about the mustard seed? I think a lot of people construe that as what they can accomplish with little faith, but what it really means, and what I think your last sentence meant, is that God can do a lot with just a little mustard seed of faith (Genesis 50:20 comes to mind). Great thoughts!

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