Modern Day Jesus

Book by Matt Mikalatos (not relevant to the post, but I thought the cover was funny)

Often, Christians become obsessed with what to wear to church and other Christian gatherings. Depending on the denominational/theological standing, pastors can get quite obsessed with this as well.

We all know that in the Bible there is no standard for what the ekklesia (Greek word we derive church from) should look like in terms of clothing. Yet, many churches fall prey to judging and cursing those who may or may not wear pants and a tie to worship God. However, legalism can befall the guy who outright condemns someone for having a personal preference for what to wear on Sunday or a given group.

I wonder what Jesus would wear if he came to America? If he came here instead of ancient Israel, what would his clothing choice be?

We’re usually quick to point out his poverty, but in America even the poorest in the country are the richest in the world. I’ve heard plenty of stories of homeless people (in America, of course) who choose to be homeless because they like begging and mooching. Not really need based at all.

To add to that, for most of Jesus’s life, he was a carpenter (some would argue even a mason). He may not have been rich, but he definitely had a few bucks to spare. I wonder if that job would translate to a $20-$30k salary today? Who knows.

Would Jesus wear Levi’s and a nice shirt from Target? Perhaps he would pick up a few things from Good Will and Wal-mart? Maybe he would dress up in a bit and sometimes whip out a polo or some Banana Republic (I tend to think not myself). Would Jesus wear TOMS shoes?

What do you think? If Jesus came to America and did his ministry here, what would he wear?

DISCLAIMER: this discussion has no eternal or theological significance. Just mere speculation and humorous implication.


4 thoughts on “Modern Day Jesus

  1. Good question. I think he wouldnt come in robes, because it would just draw attention. He would fit in — dressing like we dress.

    The standard today is to ‘dress down’ and i’m not sure that’s the best thing for us. Instead of titles and deference, we call elders “Bob” and “Mary” and we have little respect.

    I don’t know if Jesus would tell us to dress up, or dress down. But I would listen and follow!

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