Just Do It.

I really think Nike was on to something when they came up with their slogan, “Just Do It.”

It is so epic because there plenty of activities people want to do. We are always grasping at new ways to reach and grow our potential.

What do you want to do?

For some, it may be a crazy hobby, like alligator wrestling.

For many, it’s usually an area of edification, like reading more or attaining more downtime each week. Maybe it’s even starting a new business.

You might even be wanting to invest more in your relationship with Jesus. Actually, I think this last one is a heart-cry for all authentic followers of Christ.

What makes Nike’s slogan so timeless, too, is it’s implicit meaning. It’s commanding you to ‘just do it.’ Rise above the difficulty. Rise above the fatigue. Put on some sneaks and endure. Just do it.

The implicit meaning is that there is an obstacle in front of you and what you are wanting to accomplish. Nike is calling you to rise above it. This is quite motivational, but we need to see that outside of sports there are also obstacles in everything we want to accomplish. The tough part comes in when you realize you need to move the obstacle yourself.

My pastor talked about this briefly on Sunday as well. If you really want to do something, you would do it. That’s similar to what he said, and I think it’s true. Personally, I feel Nike would agree, too.

Moving the obstacles can be a pain, but a lot of times it’s because we are lazy. I love reading, but I know I could be both reading and writing more. As a result, I’ve had to cut back on Xbox and not watch the news after a certain point at night. It’s simple economics, really — investing in time in one area depletes your time in another area.

You want to make some more friends? Call up some acquaintances and hang out with them. Would you like to get in better shape? Put on your shoes (which are hopefully Nike’s at this point… just kidding) and run.

Perhaps what you want to do is giant-sized and not so easy to assimilate into your life. I have a question for you: are you taking the steps to prepare yourself for the road ahead? I want to go into ministry, so it’s important for me right now to be studying Scripture rigorously and immersing myself in church and campus ministries here at UF.

So you want to go into missions full-time? I hope you have had a plethora of experiences on smaller-term mission trips.

Do you want to make professional films? It would be a great idea to get familiar with Final Cut Pro and have a YouTube channel with some personal stuff you’ve made.

I think you catch my drift. This sounds like work, and it is. No one ever said developing the character God wants you to have would be as easy as buying a song on iTunes.

I love doing new things, meeting goals, and seeing people go higher in their lives. I hear from so many of my friends their long-term plans, and it is so sad to watch them not changing their personal habits or preparing for those dreams. I don’t think Jimmy Hendrix would have been an amazing guitarist had he never picked up the instrument at an early age.

And that’s what we have to watch out for: Satan will always tempt us to be distracted from reaching our God-given potential in life. Don’t let your sin make you complacent where you’re at right now. Things like Facebook and Youtube are really fun, but after a certain amount of time that fun gets squelched by the ambition I have to do greater things with my time. Don’t settle. Don’t put it off. Remember: “The enemy of great is good.” I have never been able to figure out who said that, by the way.

The last thing to remember (which should be first with all our desires) is that with whatever goal or ambition we have, it’s important that we come to God and talk to him in prayer about what he wants. The Bible tells us if we seek God with all our heart, we will find him without fail (Jeremiah 29:13). If you truly desire God, he will truly give you the desires in your heart (Psalm 37:4, Luke 11:11-13)

What do you really want to do? What areas in your life to you need to make like Nike and “Just Do It”?

Oh, and while I love Nike’s campaign message, my tennis shoes of choice are actually Puma’s. Just sayin’…




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