The Resurrection

Sometimes it’s easy to think about what Jesus’s death and resurrection separately mean for a Christian. Other times all of the details can get a little confusing (for me, at least).

Most people (and by ‘people’ I mean Christians) understand that in the death of Christ, our sins were nailed to the cross with him (Colossians 2:14), the perfect atonement. Our slate has been wiped clean (summed up as justification) so we can run to God. But what about eternal life with God forever? Was that included in his death?

Jesus said he would rise again [after his death] and did so to show his faithfulness in promises, but did he have to rise again, promises aside? What was the purpose of the Resurrection, and what does it do for us as Christians in terms of our salvation?

I found a really cool article that’s all about the Resurrection by this guy named Herbert W. Armstrong. He wrote it in 1955, and I am impressed with how well he talks about the subject. It’s surprisingly short given the importance of the subject, and it’s even broken into parts for easier navigation.

Check out the article here. Enjoy!


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