Hiccups are like Addictions.

A Short Poem on Hiccups:

Last week I had hiccups for two straight days;

No solution would make them go away.

Not like a sore throat, no honey nor tea,

Not one thing I tried made the hiccups flee.


Holding breath, drinking water, they didn’t work.

I surmised hiccups are like bullies and jerks.


With little help in sight I began to pray,

“Jesus, my Lord, don’t let these hiccups stay.

“Amen — hiccup!” What? Just after my plea?

I know Jesus was now laughing at me!


After what seemed like years, the hiccups left my bodily den.

Calm sleeping, smooth breathing, all were back in my grasp once again.


The Four Points of HA (Hiccups and Addictions):

  • Tell God and other people about the problem.
  • Find the source.
  • Pull the trigger, on the trigger.
  • Run to Jesus with everything you’ve got.


Have you had the hiccups recently? What was that like? Has there been any amazing stories where God has pulled you through a long-time struggle??


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