Hating Change

One of the most common traits among human beings, in my opinion, has to be our hate of change.

You wake up, plan your day, and when the guy at McDonald’s gives you the wrong order (or you simply see how much their fake food is anymore) you become frustrated, if not angry.

Are you very familiar with money? Perhaps you have a lot; perhaps you had a lot. Either way, it doesn’t take long to realize it can be drained very quickly. Much more quickly than it is usually gained. James 5:1-6, anyone?

Some people seem to embrace change, though. Examples include: people who like to move often, crazy college kids who can’t commit to someone longer than a week, etc. But is that a love of change, or a love of variety? Personally, I feel that change requires either some sort of sacrifice or some twist in our original plans. Ahh, now not so many ’embracers’, eh?

What’s paradoxical about humanity here lies in our quests for success. Especially my generation (the Millennials). Everybody wants to go as high as possible in life, but we want to do so without changing much, with as little effort as possible. Is this a good thing or not? Maybe this is why the vast majority of people around the world leave a very small impact on the world.

When I think of change, one thing I can say is if anyone accepted it well it was Jesus. He went from having all of his God-powers to emptying himself into nothingness, into the humble form of man (Philippians 2:6-8,  2 Corinthians 5:21). Now that’s what I call change. And to think —  through all of the towns he travelled to, all of the love he had for us that drove him through some painful circumstances (let’s see…um…his death?), Jesus embraced change. And 2,000 years later, he is still the most influential figure on the planet.

We should embrace change, too, because our Savior did. I’m not using Jesus as a crutch to gain success, but I do see some serious importance in the change we all know and [tend to] hate.  Our plans will often not go our way, and sacrifices will have to be made. However, if we are filled with love and care for others the way Jesus did, embracing change won’t be so difficult.

Final thoughts: I’ve never seen/heard of a businessman, leader, church planter, etc., who were very successful in their own fields and didn’t embrace change. The truth is that the best leaders embrace change, adapt, and take risks. Smart, focused risks, of course.

When we tackle seasons of change with boldness and new ideas, we stretch. And when we stretch ourselves, we always grow. What a super simple concept! Yes, but simplicity is often overlooked.

Do you resist change? Have you gone through any crazy changes in your life recently?

Speaking of all this change, I hope you’ve had the chance to check out the iPad 2. I may be biased and in love, but I’m just sayin’.


2 thoughts on “Hating Change

  1. I feel you there — I tend to resist. But the older I get, and the more I do ministry, God is showing me to work through the change towards His goals. I feel that this is effective for pastoral ministry.

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