Reading the Bible Properly

A few months back you may remember I posted on a great starting point in reading the Bible and understanding the Old Testament well. Today, I stumbled on an article that dealt with looking at the deeper context of Scripture and not just interpreting verses for what you think they mean after your eyes skim over them.

Remarkably, the article (I presume) was written by an unbeliever and was featured on the Huffington Post. This is awesome, since most Americans are pretty illiterate in religion (the quick religion quiz is actually fun – how do you think you’ll do? I got all ten right!! Not to brag…). That most definitely includes Christians. I’m hoping this article will help people see that a lot of the ‘controversies’ in the Bible are really not controversies at all.

Here’s the article – “What You Should Know Before Reading The Bible.” Enjoy!

By the way, I apologize I haven’t been posting too much lately. My new job out here in Santa Barbara throws a curveball into my schedule, not to mention the time difference. Soon I’ll be back in full swing!


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