Hey there! I am Brooklyn Cravens. Welcome to my blog. You’ll quickly find it’s all about Jesus.

Here’s a little about me. Being 22 years-old and in my final semester at the University of Florida, I thoroughly enjoy taking ideas, colors, and words, and throwing them together on a myriad of surfaces for people. In other words, I’m an Advertising major. I love writing, and I’d like to think of myself as a visionary. Oh, and Helvetica is my favorite font.

Here’s a little more. In just a short number of months, I’ll be marrying my high school sweetheart. She is the most beautiful, most amazing woman I’ve ever encountered. I truly am the luckiest man in the world.

Like I said before, this blog is solely about Jesus, who loves and changes lives, like mine. He’s done some pretty cool stuff, like raising one of His buddies from the dead (John 11), fulfilling some really old prophecies, etc. How can I not talk about this guy? My posts will deal with a wide range of topics — theology or tough questions or stories or men who live for 900+ years or whatever.

Also, I love reading. You’ll find a decent amount of book reviews here as well. Check out my books section!