According to Plan by Graeme Goldsworthy

For those wanting to take a deeper dive into understanding the Scriptures as a whole and learning what exactly ‘Biblical Theology’ is, this book is a near-perfect start. I literally felt my brain expanding as a result of this book (Nah, but I wish it did happen). For those who don’t know what Biblical Theology is, let me ask you some questions: what is the purpose of the Old Testament? Can you tell me some significant events God established to prepare the coming of His Son, Jesus Christ? What were all the major covenants of the Old Testament, and why are they crucial in our current understanding of God? How does the New Testament relate to the Old?

These are some daunting questions, but Graeme does an amazing job of teaching you how to answer these questions and survey the Old Testament from a bird’s eye view while you read it. The first part of the book briefly explains what Biblical Theology is and specifically why we use it. The second part is how we use Biblical Theology to know God better. The third part is an outline of the entire Bible showing what Biblical Theology is and how it applies to each part of the Bible. The last and very short section is about where in the world we can apply what we’ve learned, and these short chapters are composed of practical questions to keep in mind as we move on from the book.

God has used Goldsworthy to open my mind to the Scriptures and be in even more awe of Him. There is so much more to the Bible than we will ever know, and scratching just beneath the surface has left me wanting more of His Word. Specifically, I have to say I learned the most about the entire significance of the Jewish temple and how it relates to Christ, as well as what “regeneration” means beyond the general definition most Christians know.

If you are wanting more out of Scripture during your study/devotional time and feel God tugging on you to take it to the next level (which He probably is), then pick up this book. It’s sad to see how underestimated this book is. But you know what they say — some of the best gems are often over-looked.

According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible


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