Doctrine by Mark Driscoll

Every Christian, no matter where you are in your spiritual journey, needs to read this book. Mark Driscoll has done a fine job here, making plain what specific foundations and beliefs we Christians should have as a result of worshipping Jesus and following God’s infallible Scriptures.

One looking for more of an ‘inspirational’ read will find a more informative and academic style of writing, but that should not put a damper on reading this book. Everyone has something to learn here. I learned a lot on the chapter about the Trinity, Stewardship, Worship, the Old Testament Covenants, and more. There are thirteen chapters in total, so I would imagine it hard for one to not even find one chapter to glean knowledge from. Even those with a comprehensive knowledge of the topics here will find a refreshing reminder of some key doctrines of the Bible.

Also, all you reading addicts will be pleased to know that this book is full of a ton, and I seriously mean a ton of footnotes featuring many other books (there are over 1,000 total footnotes).

This book is great for personal reference after finishing, and it is also ideal for discussion in a Bible study. Usually people read many books about many facets of the Bible to learn as much about God as possible, but it’s very nice to have so many facets all packed into one book that is relatively easy to read. I definitely recommend picking this one up. You won’t regret it.

Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe


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