Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft

This book is probably the most practical book on leadership I have ever read. Dave is over seventy years old, and he is still passionate about coaching leaders and developing them into stronger ones (he has been a leadership coach for decades). He uses personal anecdotes to illustrate a lot of his points, like how he mentions he writes everything down or else he forgets what he wants to write. Again, this book is extremely practical, and Kraft lays out a lot of outlines and structures for the leadership methods he prescribes.

With 160 pages of juicy goodness, this book is a quick read, not to mention the author’s passion about the subject make his ideas flow like water. It’s so easy to read that I actually had to stop myself several times so I could sit back and digest some of his thoughts.

One thing I will say to keep in mind is this: as the book gets toward its end, the subject matter becomes somewhat focused. Dave talks a lot about personal qualities of who [in his experience] he views as ministry leaders, and I can see how a small minority of readers may feel slightly left out or out-of-place.

However, here’s the big idea — have you been wondering what your purpose is for God’s kingdom? Have you been wanting to find more practical ways to discipline yourself in your devotional time? Have you been wondering about great ways to coach and disciple someone in your life? Then get this book. I’ll tell you it is a little firecracker. It will open up areas in your life where you can develop as a leader.

Leaders Who Last


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