Love & Respect by Dr. Emerald Eggerichs

Whether you are married or not or simply engaged, there is no other book on relationships I could recommend more. The premise of the book is based out of Ephesians 5:22-33:  men must to learn to love their wives selflessly, and women must learn to respect their husbands. Eggerichs is a genius at infusing deep issues behind marriage with readability and heart-warming authenticity. Sometimes funny, sometimes serious… well, a large portion of the book is absolutely hilarious, all the while being completely relevant and insightful.

The author divides this book into two sections. The first section is called the “Crazy Cycle,” and it focuses on some of the big issues that can come between a husband and wife, causing endless fights that end up going the same directions every time. These old, continuous fights are the Crazy Cycle Eggerichs talks about. There is an abundance of funny stories and personal lessons that he and his wife have been learning throughout their marriage.

The second section is broken up into two subgroups. One is for the men to read. it is labeled, “COUPLE (Closeness, Openness, Understanding, Peacemaking, Loyalty, Esteem).” The other section for the women to read is labeled, “CHAIRS (Conquest, Hierarchy, Authority, Insight, Relationship, Sexuality).” Both subgroups are extremely practical, and peculiarly eye-opening.

If you are single, I would say to pass this book until you find yourself a serious companion. However, if you are in a serious relationship at any level, you will learn a ton from this book.

Love & Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs


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