Religion Saves by Mark Driscoll

Like so many of Driscoll’s past works, Religion Saves is relevant to our modern culture. However, this book is a bit unique. It is actually based off of a sermon series now on his church website, but what makes this book so special is that prior to the series/book Mark told his church to submit various topics about everyday life they would like to learn more about from a Biblical perspective. This book features the ten most popular topics that were chosen, which range from dating and birth control to humor and predestination.

This book is more informational than inspirational like his most recent work, Doctrine, but Mark’s humor and jokes are abundant here, making this composition very simple to read. It also tends to lean more practical than theological. This one’s really an interesting hybrid of sorts.

If Doctrine teaches readers about the pillars Christians should rely on as they read the Bible, Religion Saves reveals how those key elements play out in real life. The structure is pretty simple: taking birth control, for example, Mark quotes various Bible verses about the issue, shows what birth control looks like today (and as usual,this is heavily cited with specific statistics and references to different articles), and how the two mix when you throw a Christian into the blender as well.

Definitely worth a read.

Religion Saves: And Nine Other Misconceptions


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