Scandalous by D. A. Carson

Carson has done a marvelous job in Scandalous: The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus. The formula of the book is simple. For each chapter, the author takes a specific passage of Scripture and unpacks it in a provocatively new way (like the story of raising Lazarus). He reaches into the Bible and pulls out some of the deeper meanings, angles, and significances in Jesus Christ’s life for all to see. What is seen is just how scandalously powerful, loving, and even ironic, Jesus is.

Carson’s writing style is excellent here. Most Christians are going to be familiar with the passages he presents. However, he is going to hit the reader with powerful and deep concepts about the King of Kings they’ve likely never heard before. Not to worry, though; because his writing is so eloquent and readable, most readers will learn without knowing it until they close the book with an indescribable fascination and appreciation for who Jesus was.

Some of the most important passages in the New Testament are used by a great theologian to help you get closer to your Savior. Don’t miss this one if you can afford it.

Scandalous:The Cross and Resurrection of Jesus


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