The Abolition of Man by C.S. Lewis

This brilliant composition by Lewis is more of an extended essay instead of a novel (my edition has a total of 128 pages. but the font and spacing are quite large). Now anyone who has read Lewis knows he is a complex writer. He was a philosopher who wrote much content on ethics, which is what you’ll find here.

This essay deals with morality and education. Lewis reveals how the influence of secular morality has seeped into our society, and he does so by using a typical children’s English class. In the process, he breaks down the pillars under secular morality, and outlines the dangers of such thought (I won’t spoil them here). Where do emotions fit into true, secularist thought? In a purely naturalist society, does man actually reign over nature? These are just some of the questions dealt with here. If you are a big fan of apologetics, I definitely recommend this essay.

The Abolition of Man


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