The Reason for God by Tim Keller

This is one of my most favorite books of all time. Tim Keller is a pastor at Redeemer Presbyterian up in New York, and he is probably one of the wisest and smartest men I have read from and listened to. This book deals with apologetics, but Keller focuses more on logic than on science. He points out the common sense behind the Bible and why Christians believe in God. The author himself said that he intended for the book to be for skeptic unbelievers who want to know the truth about Christianity, or for Christians who may be wrestling with their faith in a sea of doubt. That is a near-perfect description of a suitable audience for this book.

Keller’s work is divided into two sections: the first one called, “Leap of Doubt,”  is all about apologetics. What really gives this book life and credibility are the real-life conversations in it that Keller has had with people through the years up in NY. It’s interesting to learn the arguments and logic behind the Bible, but it is really cool to see that what is learned has already been applied in Tim’s life. The second section of the book is called, “The Reason for Faith,” and here is where he takes a much more pastoral approach to affirm God’s love and intentions for humanity. This is where the skeptic unbeliever sees the heart of God. This section is where the doubting Thomas is reassured of their faith. This book is just insanely awesome.

Maybe you are a skeptic. Maybe you are a struggling believer of Christ. Or maybe you are just someone wanting to know more. I don’t just recommend this book — you will seriously be at a disadvantage by not reading this one!! Please check it out.

The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism


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