This set of pages is all about books! Now I know that many of you haven’t read a book in 7+ years, but they are actually quite fun — I know! Shocking!! — and very insightful.

Jesus tells us to listen carefully in Luke 8:18. For Christians, what this means is we shouldn’t be checking off God on our daily checklist after we read two verses and say a 30-second prayer. He is our God. We should be investing deeply into Him, because we get to. He wants to show you the depths of His love and the richness of His grace. He does so through sermons, friends, and experiences, and He also does so through books.

So I decided to post my reading list that is ever-growing and ever-changing to maybe give you some material to poke your brain with. Once I finish each book I’ll post up a quick review of it. You can find the links below, or just hold your mouse under where it says “Books” up top.

Reading List


Please note: There are a number of books on my reading list that don’t deal with Christianity or theology, but for the sake of relevanceĀ I didn’t post them up.